"How do I Know When my Vehicle Needs to Be Serviced?" - Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Honda Maintenance

What is the Best Way to Keep Track of my Honda's Maintenance Needs?

You will find the best method of staying on top of your Honda service needs located right in the glove box of your Honda Ridgeline or Honda Civic. Along with the owner's manual, Honda provides a detailed maintenance schedule braking down what specific components should undergo inspection and when certain parts need replacement. The schedule gets broken down by months and mileage, so follow along with the plan that fits your driving habits best. If you tend commute frequently in Sherman, or just drive more often in general, use the maintenance by mileage; if you do not drive as often, use the schedule by month.

What do the Warning Lights in my Car Mean?

Your owner's manual will break down what each specific warning lights mean. However, a few of these lights you should pay special attention to, including the "Service Engine Soon" light and "Check Engine Soon" warning, which looks simply like a miniature engine. These two lights come on when important service comes necessary, including transmission repair, an oil change, brake inspection, and more. The presence of any "check engine" related light tells the driver that their Honda should undergo maintenance immediately as these lights present the most important mechanical issues. Your Honda will not pass inspection if the "Check Engine" lights remain activated.

Should I Service my Car if I Detect Strange Smells?

Yes, any persistent unknown smell from your vehicle should result in you scheduling a service appointment from your home in Decatur, IL. A common source of foreign smells comes from the fuel delivery system, which can become clogged with grime when the fuel filter or fuel pumps need replacement. If you detect a smell of gasoline throughout the car, you should take it as a sign that your fuel delivery system, or another crucial component of your engine, might require replacement. An outdated cabin air filter will also result in a musty smell in the Honda, so stay alert to these types of scents when it comes to keeping your air conditioning system well-maintained.

Why Should I Have my Car Serviced at Friendly Honda?

At Friendly Honds near Jacksonville, each of our technicians carries specialized training in the Honda brand, along with years of mechanical experience. Though their training, they can diagnose and repair Honda-specific issues which may go unnoticed by your average service mechanic near Sherman, IL. Our team also only use genuine Honda parts, available in our parts center and shipped to us straight from the manufacturer. With genuine Honda parts from a reliable source, you will save time combing through generic parts in your average auto parts store, looking for the one which provides the most reliability.

I Heard a Strange Noise Coming from the Hood. Should I Service my Honda?

Yes, you should schedule a maintenance appointment in the presence of any unknown sounds which did not present themselves when you first purchased the car. As an example, you may hear your engine noises much louder than usual, or you might hear a persistent knocking sound coming from under the car or under the hood - these could both show signs of underlying issues.

How Long Can I Wait to Go Into the Dealership?

You should schedule a routine service appointment in accordance with your service schedule and you should stay alert to some of the most basic services your Honda might need - oil changes and tire rotations. You may schedule these procedures around 6,000-7,000 miles but we do not recommend procrastinating on these intervals. Likewise, your most crucial service junctures occur around 30,000; 60,000; and 90,000 miles, when the most crucial components come due for maintenance.

Here at Friendly Honda, we want to make long-term maintenance and service for your Honda as convenient and simple as possible. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, any vehicle comes comprised of an intricate series of parts and components. Most parts need maintenance, and most will require replacement at some point, whether in 4,000 miles or closer to 100,000 miles. Drivers without a background in mechanical engineering might find it difficult to stay on top of maintenance, but we here at Friendly Honda want to answer the most frequently asked questions posed to us by our customers on when to have your Honda serviced. Once you have all the certainty you need, schedule an appointment and visit here at our Honda service center, located on-site at Friendly Honda in Springfield. You will find us less than a 10 minute drive north of Chatham.

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